Bitch Tools Podcast: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is interrupted by the irritation of losing expected business


Happy Thanksgiving. Or is it? Put that turkey down! David, Sean and Mollie are irritated by clients who leave without saying “goodbye.” What do you do when you lose work? And how do you protect yourself from letting it happen. Thanksgiving Anger #1 & #2 When you lose business, it is easy to get angry […]

Tribes: They want you to lead them

Identifying your tribe is only the first step

Tribes Feature Photo

Seth Godin wrote the book, “Tribes,” and hosted a Ted Talk on the same subject. In it, he puts forth the notion that mass marketing is dead — that producing mediocre products for the masses was rapidly being replaced with “interesting” products for a few. However, what does this mean to the small business owner and/or […]

Corporate Phrases That Kill Kittens

20 phrases you need to quit using right now


Some corporate phrases need to be retired. Thanks to a article Mollie shared from Business Insider, the trio has a little fun, and a lot of commentary about 20 of the “worst offenders.”) After all, can’t we just say what we mean without all the cliche’s? David, Sean and Mollie also admit to using some […]

Tis the Season to Give Gifts

Set yourself apart by appreciating your clients, vendors


What is the secret sauce to success? Client gifts. They are an awesome way to set yourself apart from your competition. Dave, Sean and Mollie share some of their ideas about this important, and often overlooked, marketing/client relationship tool.   Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Drawing the line between professional and personal image


What do you do when your personal image, life, opinions adversely affects your band or business? Where are the lines drawn? Mollie and Sean share the struggle between authenticity and professional image. With social media as a primary source of information on people and businesses, what is posted there can have a positive or negative effect […]

BIZ. Tools 89: The most important question of all

Real Leaders Begin with "Why"

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.29.53 AM

In business and in life, people often get hung up on the “what” and “how.” But if one is to be a successful leader, they must be able to answer “why.” BIZ. Tool of the Week Instagram isn’t a “kids” thing anymore — and it just may be the best opportunity for businesses to reach […]


Expanded Edition Worth a Revisit

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.46.36 AM

David introduces a special interview with Bob Burg, co-author of “The Go-Giver.” The book was recently expanded and revised, with a relaunch today (Oct. 5, 2015). Can a subtle shift in focus really make that big of a difference in your business and income? Our guest says, “Absolutely, yes!” Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at corporate […]

BIZ. Tools 87: The Problem with Free Advice


It seems like everyone is an expert these days – and they want to share their “knowledge” with you. However, sometimes “free” advice costs you the most. Listen as we talk about this problem and how to discern what it worth heeding and what should be ignored. I listen to the #BIZToolsPodcast #FreeAdvice Click To Tweet […]

BIZ. Tools 86: Putting the Power in Willpower


What does it take to be disciplined? Is willpower enough? What role does accountability play? Find out how these three try to stay the course – and what happens when they don’t. I listen to the #BIZToolsPodcast #Willpower Click To Tweet BIZ. Tool of the Week Need some crafty website or other graphics stuff? Go to […]