Know Your Market And Be True to That Market

Value is driven by the market, not by marketing


Sean is inspired by an epic rant about his collectibles and how the market is becoming flooded with them. A conversation ensues about knowing the market for your product or service and how find out. Knowing Your Market Being exclusive is not as valuable if it is not scarce There is a trust relationship involved between […]

Business Appearance And The Consequences

First Impressions Are Still A Thing


Not since the arguments over church music has there been so much contention as it has been behind the idea of business appearance and attire. When does personal style/expression overrule what is considered proper business attire, or does it? David, Sean and Mollie talk about the issue from their unique perspectives on the subject — […]

Fall Productivity Hacks

Stay on course and on target this Fall


Fall is in the air. Temperatures are dropping slightly. The kids are back in school, and now routines are being established leading into the Christmas (gasp) season. How do you keep your productivity up when you are being pulled in so many directions. Our friends at have some hacks for you Fall Productivity Hacks […]

Don’t let your mad get your money

Process anger before reacting whenever possible


Do you ever get mad at work? Do you ever get angry at a customer? a co-worker? a boss? Be careful. Reaction in the moment of anger can have long-term consequences. David, Sean and Mollie break down some of their o wn “breakdowns.” When the Mad Comes Upon You Take a moment to process Get away […]

Dave is LIVE! Business in a down economy

What can you do to more than just survive

Down Economy Dave

In this special episode of the podcast, Dave talks about business in a down economy with members of the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce Business Development Connection. This presentation was recorded live on June 29, 2016. Down Economy Lessons The strong not only survive, but thrive Excellence matters more than ever in a down economy […]

Tim Tebow, Baseball & Business Decisions

Knowing when it is time to move on


We are Mollie-less today. However, David goes on a rant about his favorite athlete, Tim Tebow. Even he thinks it is time for Tebow to give up on his pro sports career and recognize what he has right in front of him — and how business owners often face the same decision. What Tim Tebow […]

Fixing Major Mistakes At Work

What do you do when you "eff" up?


Mistakes are going to happen. It is inevitable. However. how those mistakes are handled makes a ton of difference. In this week’s episode, Dave, Sean, and Mollie talk about mistakes, and what to do about them, with a little help from 4 Ways to Fix Mistakes Own your mistake Get creative Forgive yourself Straighten […]

Nighttime Habits of Successful People

It's more than what you do during the day that matters


What are your nighttime habits? Do you have a routine, or do you just “go with the flow?” When it comes to successful people, the answers may surprise you. David, Sean and Mollie get some help from to find what nighttime habits help you become highly successful Some of the nighttime habits mentioned Going […]

The Power of Disconnecting

Forgetting About Work Can Be Therapeudic


Are you afraid of burnout? Do you go home each night, but can’t leave the “office” at the office? Maybe you need to disconnect. David just returned from a 7-day cruise where he was forced to disconnect from the office and it was one of the best things he’s ever done. Disconnecting on purpose Disconnecting […]

We Are Lazy, But That Is OK

How Lazy Employees Can Be An Asset To Your Company


Are you lazy? How many times have you heard that there is “no cure for laziness?” Maybe there doesn’t need to be a cure. Lazy people can be more efficient than many so-called “hard workers” in an organization. Thanks to their “laziness,: these people often fine better systems than those in place. Since time is […]