Entrepreneurship Is Not for the Faint of Heart – Part One

Want to make the jump? Consider these points first

Entrepreneurship Sean

  So you don’t like working for someone else? You feel your passion is to be in business for yourself. Well, slow down, young padawan, you are not an entrepreneur just yet. Entrepreneurship is often a lonely, difficult existence, especially in the early days. It’s an epic subject that cannot be contained in just one […]

Business Networking Is Not the Pit of Hell

Why and How You Should Use the Valuable Tool

Business Networking Dave

  Let’s face it, most people hate business networking. The problem isn’t networking, but the fact so many people do it wrong. Therefore, the trio takes on the why and how of business networking. Hilarity ensues as we describe some of those that are “doing it wrong.” What you will learn in this episode How to […]

Being busy, and other lame excuses

And, we answer another listener question


“I’ve been busy.” How many times have you heard that excuse when someone fails to get back with you or follow through? Have you been guilty of using this (or other) lame excuses before? If so, then buckle up, it is going to be a bumpy ride. After the listener question, Sean goes off… What […]

Is Twitter Dying? And We Answer a Listener Question

Some things must change to stay relevant


Do you still use Twitter? Do you use it as much as you once did? Sean kicks off the discussion based on a conversation he heard on the Men In Blazers podcast. Meanwhile, David shares an article from the Huffington Post on the subject. What you will learn about Twitter in this episode Conversations on Twitter […]

Productivity Hacks – BIZ Tools for 2016

Increase Your Productivity with These Tips

Productivity Hacks

Do you want 2016 to be better than 2015? Do you want to get more done? Do you need some productivity hacks to help you along the way? This is the BIZ Tools Podcast for you. The team tackles the Inc.com story, 11 Best Productivity Hacks for 2016. Some of the Productivity Hacks Covered From limiting […]

Episode 100 – Can You Believe It?

BIZ Tools Podcast reaches a milestone

Episode 100

It is hard to believe that the BIZ Tools Podcast has reached Episode 100. What started out two years ago as an informative business podcast has grown up (sorta) and become a highly rated fun learning experience. Episode 100 memories David, Sean and Mollie share some of their favorite memories over the past year. While giving advice […]

Every Salesman Pays A Visit

David and Mollie Interview Every Salesman About His Craft

Every Salesman

There is a guy who epitomizes what is wrong with the sales business. His name is “Every Salesman.” In today’s episode, Every salesman stops by to discuss the business of sales and what he does to “keep things in the pipeline.” Every Salesman on Sales “I’m here to help you. Sales is just like what […]

No Degree Is No Excuse

While difficult, many good careers are available to those without degrees

No Degree

No degree seems to be an often-lamented issue among jobseekers. While a college degree can get you in the door when looking for certain jobs, it is not the only factor to vocational success. That is not to say that education is not important. In fact, the opposite is more true now than ever. Degrees Are Not […]

Toxic Employee Types: Part Deaux

Part Two of a Two-Part Podcast on Toxic Employee Types


Do you have a toxic employee? If we didn’t find them in last week’s episode, then you are still in luck. We tackle three more this week. The discussion continues around the infographic from getvoip.com. Three more toxic employees are broken down, and while not as comical as most BIZ Tools Podcasts, the conclusions are […]

Toxic Employee Types: There are 5

Part One of a Two-Part Podcast on Toxic Employee Types

Toxic Employee Darth

Do you have a toxic employee? Can you find them in your organization? Mollie kicks off this post-Thanksgiving edition of the BIZ. Podcast with much “X-Mas” spirit. All is going well until Sean brings forth the subject toxic employees, bosses, managers, vendors, etc. (not to be confused with the Britney Spears song). According to an infographic from […]