Nighttime Habits of Successful People

It's more than what you do during the day that matters


What are your nighttime habits? Do you have a routine, or do you just “go with the flow?” When it comes to successful people, the answers may surprise you. David, Sean and Mollie get some help from to find what nighttime habits help you become highly successful Some of the nighttime habits mentioned Going […]

The Power of Disconnecting

Forgetting About Work Can Be Therapeudic


Are you afraid of burnout? Do you go home each night, but can’t leave the “office” at the office? Maybe you need to disconnect. David just returned from a 7-day cruise where he was forced to disconnect from the office and it was one of the best things he’s ever done. Disconnecting on purpose Disconnecting […]

We Are Lazy, But That Is OK

How Lazy Employees Can Be An Asset To Your Company


Are you lazy? How many times have you heard that there is “no cure for laziness?” Maybe there doesn’t need to be a cure. Lazy people can be more efficient than many so-called “hard workers” in an organization. Thanks to their “laziness,: these people often fine better systems than those in place. Since time is […]

10 Qualities of Servant Leaders

Those who serve, outperform those who don't

servant leaders

Are you familiar with the term, “servant leader?” Is has been a buzzword for quite sometime, but usually in religious circles. Now, it has become mainstream. The world is changing, and so are leadership styles. In the past, the “boss” was often one who commanded the work to be done, while diligent employees did so […]

Boiling Over – How to Handle Office Conflict

Don't let rising temperatures cause rising tempers

Office Conflict

Office conflict is on the rise. It’s getting hot “out there.”  So, don’t let it get hot “in here.” With summer temperatures continuing to rise, the tendency to boil over increases. Tempers can flare. Differences of opinion can erupt into shouting matches. How can business leaders handle these situations? What you will learn about Office […]

You can be highly productive

50 steps to being highly productive from

Highly Productive

Let’s face it. Some days you don’t feel highly productive at all. Do you often wonder what highly productive people do to increase their productivity? Well, lists, “50 Things Highly Productive People Do Differently.” Dsvid, Sean and Mollie take issue with a few and agree with others… And yes, they actually get through all […]

You can make your business locally famous

Simple ways to increase your local influence

locally famous

  Businesses can grow their influence and become locally famous – all of which helps the bottom line. David, Sean and Mollie expand on tips offered by RightMix Marketing in their post, “How to make you business locally famous.” Ways to make your business locally famous Develop relationships with business reporters Contribute guest content for local business […]

Corporate Phrases That Kill Kittens

20 Corporate Phrases You Need to Quit Using Today


Some corporate phrases need to be retired. Thanks to a article Mollie shared from Business Insider, the trio has a little fun, and a lot of commentary about 20 of the “worst offenders.”) After all, can’t we just say what we mean without all the cliche’s? David, Sean and Mollie also admit to using some […]

Do You Have A Unique Sales Proposition?

Finding Your USP Can Lead To Stratospheric Success


Are you unique? Do you have a unique sales proposition? What is a unique sales proposition? In this episode, David and Sean break down the USP, as outlined in Jay Abraham’s book, “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got.” They discuss the advantages, along with how and where to find your USP. Advantages […]

GTF-Outside the office

Moving Outside the Office Can Produce Very Positive Results


Does your office, cubicle or workspace sometimes feel like a prison? You are not alone. Being chained to your desk or other area can hamper productivity, reduce morale, or even cause fatigue. Changing your environment (even if briefly) can often get you “over the hump.” Positives of Getting Outside the Office Taking breaks can shorten […]